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Who Am I

I am a child of God, He who created the heavens and the earth.
I am the manifestation of the love of God.
I am His image; I am made in His likeness.
I am living the life of Christ.

You may not know me; I may not be who you think I am.
My name and identification have changed, even as my soul has changed.

I sit in heavenly places.
I am set apart to rule nations.
I am identified with the Lamb of God.


Who am I?
I dwell in the presence of God, not because of what I deserve, but because what I deserve is no longer relevant.
I, therefore, refuse to be identified with who I was.
I am the body of Christ.
I am living the life of Christ.

Sin has no power over me.
Therefore when I stumble, when trials come, and should I sin, it does not change who I am unless I refuse to get up.
I am always with my Savior, and He is always with me.
He has been identified with the sin I have and will commit; therefore I walk knowing that because of this identification which is made possible by atonement through the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, that I can keep my garments of righteousness on at all times.

Sin has no power over me, not because it is not found with me, not because I am perfect, but because He who is perfect, exchanged my unrighteousness for His righteousness and now I answer no longer to the law and sins wages but rather to Christ under His grace.

I am a lover of Jesus Christ and I will, therefore, knowing who I am and the freedom He has given by His perfect love, seek to live in compliance with the commands of my Lord, not to be justified by my works, but rather through obedience prove my love.  Sin today, affects the suffering my Savior bore before.  Every sin I refrain from committing today is one less burden my Lord had to bear for me; this makes my sin today relevant in yet another way.

Therefore loving my Lord I will go and sin no more.